Business  Loan:

My business is steadily growing by the support i get from Angels compassion SACCO. Am not educated but Angels compassion SACCO has taught me entrepreneurship skills to run my business. I don’t regret choosing Angels compassion.

Property acquisition loan

Before joining Angels compassion SACCO, I was riding someone’s boda boda, but through the Angels compassion SACCO Property acquisition  loan I managed to buy a boda boda of my own. Through my savings, I have managed to acquire  2 more motor cycles. Thank you Angels compassion Sacco.

 Agriculture Loan:

As a small scale farmer, turning farming as a business was not easy because I lacked inputs like   fertilizers, seeds,pestcides and other farm inputs but through  Angels Compassion Sacco, they  availed me with a loan which helped me to turn my dreams into a reality.