Background: Women experience various challenges e.g. poverty mainly due to their involvement in unpaid work, domestic violence, sexual harassment, difficulties in balancing family and career/ministry, health problems, food insecurity, unstable families, and disobedient children, pressure from in-laws, financial conflicts e.g. spending/investment disagreements.

Goal: The Noble Woman ministry aims to support women live purposeful lives and build strong families that are centers of disciplined children who are the leaders of tomorrow.


  • Facilitate face-to-face and Television/Radio-based sessions discuss women’s issues such as practical skills for building families on purpose, instilling discipline in children, balancing work/ministry with family.
  • Train women in Income Generating Activities (IGAs) and give them start up income to start their own IGAs to enable them come out of poverty, and contribute to the economic wellbeing of their families and communities.
  • Facilitate health behavioral change educational programmes with particular focus on issues that disproportionately affect women, girls, children and youth such as HIV, maternal and child health, and breast cancer.