STEM For Girls

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STEM Facilitation Sessions.

Background: STEM is the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The participation of girls/women in STEM fields in Uganda remains significantly low compared to that of boys/men. Findings from the evaluation our STEM outreach programs indicate that girls especially those in rural schools still believe that STEM is meant for boys; many girls lack female STEM role models and mentors; have low self-esteem in taking STEM subjects, are sometimes discouraged from taking STEM courses by their teachers, peers, and parents/guardians. Students especially girls continue to perform poorly in key subjects such mathematics and sciences due to discouraging norms, low self-confidence, lack of female role models, and lack of access to relevant reading resources

Goal: The main goal of our education program is to reduce the current gender imbalances in STEM fields and equip people especially youth and women with valuable skills to enable them get employment or create jobs by starting their own income generating businesses. This goal is achieved by providing training in:


  • Encouraging and supporting girls’ involvement in STEM fields, through career guidance, and inspiration talks
  • Hold STEM camps, coding/programming training, school clubs, mentorship /role modelling, Through our different presentations such as; why few girls in STEM; How parents can help encourage young girls to embrace STEM; And the major role schools, teachers and the community are helping break the stereotype of girls doing STEM related field.
  • Workshops to offer specialized computer skills e.g. computerized accounting, and computerized data analysis. ICT skills such as MS office, website design, computer graphics, and computer repair and maintenance for the less disadvantaged young girls in rural schools.


STEM Facilitation in Secondary Schools.